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Business Health Safety offer high quality dramatic impact video based training, enabling businesses to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.

Business + Health + Safety

Health and Safety is changing in New Zealand from April 2016
Is your business ready for the change?
Can you prove…….
• Your staff have induction training for safe work and risk reduction
• Your staff are actively involved in Health & Safety
• Your staff have access to ongoing area specific training
• Your safety training is included in your safety plans
• Your visitors or contractors hold a site specific safety induction certificate
• Training has been provided in how to record serious accidents and injuries

Business + Health + Safety assists you to prove your Primary Duty of Care. All points above help you meet your Primary Duty of Care, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Be confident that the appropriate training for staff has been implemented, to keep them safe, so they can return home after work.
Business + Health + Safety equips your business with a photo verified training record for every employee.
Offer world leading high quality dramatic impact video based business training
We're passionate about training and continually achieve real world results that make a difference. We help your organisation reduce workplace accidents, injuries and help protect the lives of your staff by delivering quality training solutions to all kinds of businesses, training organisations, governments and educational institutions.

E-learning platform development

Business + Health + Safety offer Safety-TV™ a unique training platform built with an extensive library of video programmes, delivering rich, multimedia e-learning courses to customers around the world.
Safety-TV™ is a fully customisable LMS allowing content to be constantly updated with engaging, innovating content, keeping the training current in the fast-moving world of safety & HR compliance.
Effective health & safety plus HR training is a vital part of looking after your business and will help your business avoid the stress and financial burden of workplace accidents and occupational ill health.
OHS and HR professionals around the world rely on this experience and our ability to solve real world issues by providing innovative, engaging, up-to-date training solutions.


✓ Multiple languages
✓ Fully verified trainee record
✓ Interactive questions
✓ Full training history reporting
✓ Frequent new releases
✓ Fully customisable
✓ Human resources plus health & safety content
✓ High quality interactive video based e-learning
✓ Easy to use LMS system
✓ Train anywhere anytime
✓ Instant site induction safety compliance
✓ Over 90 programmes

Proud to support the following industries

• Agriculture
• Mining
• Construction
• Forestry
• Residential Care
• Manufacturing
• Business
• Transport
• Mining

Business Health & Safety offer high quality dramatic impact video based training, enabling businesses to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.

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